Track Elements

Various Track Elements

1. Noob Curves

A noob curve (so named because of the tendency of noobs to use them) is a style of curve that is popular among many track builders. It is generally frowned upon by FR2DB Forums, since it disrupts the aesthetic quality of the track and causes glitches. However, noob curves have their uses. They can be used as a frame for a smooth slope, or they can be used for visual effect in graphic grid tracks.
However, the bottom line is, try to avoid them.

Example of Noob Curve

2. Lines Of Death

A line of death is a line that is similar to the noob curve. It is created when you put lines upon lines on top of each other, causing what looks like a regular line. Although this looks like a regular line, it is actually a death line because the second you pass over it, you flip backwards and you die. The only truely acceptable line of death is when it is vertical and then it is called a 'wallflip'. This causes a more confusing track that requires you to try harder (see Trials)

Example of Line of death
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