The "trial" is a track that tests your control of the FR2 vehicles. Trials can be created for any vehicle. They usually include multiple tests of your skill including objects you have to jump/climb over and tasks that require quick reactions to complete. These are usually at the beginning of a trial.They are commonly done in grid and can take many many tries to complete.
Trials tend not to have detail, as in order for a trial to be good, it mustn't lag. Often, a player won't bother with a laggy trial. Trials like this usually have scenery lines covering the whole track that make them lag.
Trials can also come in different styles, some trials involve a multitude of pegs (little lines that require you to use a combination of speed and balance), while others involve obstacles to climb over. This1 is an example of a trial that involves obstacles, pegs, and hanging.

BMX Trial Again by Auto_Man
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