A gallery is what the people of the Free Rider 2 Database Forums have come up with in order to keep all of the tracks in the forum well organized.
If you post your tracks in the forum, they request that you use a single thread to post all your tracks in.
Post all of your tracks there and this will change the number of threads from the amount of tracks you have, to one.
A single thread is a lot easier to mess with.

When creating a gallery keep this in mind.

  • Post your tracks in the first post.
  • Name the thread like this: "[username]'s gallery". This makes it easier to find.
  • If people post negative feedback, it's just to give you tips on how to make it better
  • Edit your tracks into the first post… don't post them all over the thread.
  • A gallery is a place for talking about a person's tracks, not spam.
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