FR2DB Forum Rules

This is a set of general guidelines to follow when you post in the FR2DB Forum. The original set of rules can be found here.

Rule #1

No multiple posting: edit your last post instead of posting several times in a row.

Rule #2

DON'T post stuff in sections where it doesn't belong: It's not right.
It's almost as low as spam…

Rule #3

NO SPAM: Spam is a post which has absolutely no value and contributes nothing to the thread. Just because we have mods to remove it doesn't mean they enjoy it.

Rule #4

PLEASE DO NOT create a new thread for every single one of your tracks.
Create a gallery thread to post all of your tracks in…

Rule #5

Don't post "Preview" threads: they aren't needed.
Just wait until your done with the track. Although, you may post previews in your gallery thread.

Rule #6 (Currently not applicable, as spam track reporting is shut down)

When reporting spam tracks, please don't create a thread for them to be removed go to the thread meant for reporting tracks if they aren't yours to begin with. Keep all of your reports in one single post. Edit it when you find more spam tracks.

Rule #7

No swearing or use of words that someone might find offensive.
Many people would expect a forum to be a no-rules showdown, but we would prefer it that if an 8-year old visited the forums, they wouldn't be learning any profane vocabulary.

Rule #8

Racism and sexism is not tolerated. We wish to remain a pleasant community and any racist remarks will not go unpunished.

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