Assuming that you have randomly found yourself here and have no idea what Free Rider 2 is, here's a brief synopsis of what it is.

It's a free online flash game created by the one and only Pete.
He has cleverly implemented a mix of the original Line Rider, adapted new physics and implemented control of your person and a few vehicles.

Or, if you prefer, just play it yourself here at

If you wish to add to this wiki, feel free.
I would appreciate it if this were to remain free of Free Rider tracks unless you wish to show it as an example.
You can do that at
My name there is moyyom, if you wish to contact me as well.

On the forums you will be able to get feedback for your tracks as well.

Apply for membership here:

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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